Naughty Investors

So …. you are telling me that your potential investor cancelled last minute for no reason? They’re asking you to book a call several weeks from now? They missed or arrived late without a heads up or apology? They’re texting and answering emails on the call? They didn’t review the materials and they’re not responding to email follow-ups? They’re fishing for information with no investment intention?

It’s not you.

We have all been there, and it’s time to flip the script on bad behavior.

Founders (and GPs) should disqualify investors that play games.

These interactions do not set the foundation for a long-term partnership, which should be built on mutual respect, transparency, and empathy.

There are plenty of investors in the universe.

Maintain an abundance mentality, and focus on optimizing for the A-team, not chasing the B-team.

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