Recipe for Charisma
Diversity Rider Clause
Shifts in the VC Machine
3 Epiphanies
Naughty Investors
You are going to get discouraged.
Partnerships & Energy Matching
Classic Fundraising Dilemma
Master Communication
Unflinching focus
Productivity Playlist
Asymmetric Risk-Reward
Technological Revolutions Summarized
(This is optimistic, promise!)
I get asked about career a lot.
Fundraising simplified!
Tough, but not impossible, to fundraise
Why is it so hard to ask for the things we want?
Great Decisions, Bad Outcomes
Leading a Team
Get Out Of Your Own Way
The Lean Startup in a Nutshell
Pretotyping vs. Prototyping
10 Tenets of Closing a Deal
Transferable Skills
There’s an app for everything!
It’s who knows YOU.
Diverse Communication
You are an individual.
The Consultant’s Dilemma
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“We built it! Why aren’t they coming?”
No “Thank You”!
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Nah.
Job hunting is an art.
“But nobody does it that way.”
Mother Theresa
This means WAR.
Good vs. Bad Project Managers
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
The Decoy Effect
Cold Emailing
Ackerman Bargaining Method
Get to YES!
Prospect Theory
Customer Discovery and Problem Hunting
Effective Communication
What Do You Value?
Execution and Kicking Ass
Selling Used Furniture More Than You Paid New
Rejected! B-School and AHA Moments
Thermodynamics and Goal Setting
Product Birthdays and Growth Hacking Inspo
Problem Solve Like An Engineer
Alan Watts
Desk Distractions
“I just got lucky.”
Education. How can we do it better?
23 Things We Should Unlearn
Using Bias to Maximize Output
Conversion and Optimization
Growth Marketing and Customer Acquisition
You Get What You Negotiate
The Naysayers
20 Reasons Why Startups Fail
Handle Conflict With Class
Diversity Drives Innovation
The Art of Pivoting and Living Passionately
Great Founder Checklist
The Productivity Paradox
Super-STAR Interview
Change in 8-Steps
5 Years Later
Love Your Commute
Teddy Roosevelt
LinkedIn Ninja Tips
The 10-Step Resume
Excel Magic
Problem Solve Like Elon Musk
GMAT Test Tips
Struggles and Happy Endings
I love getting older.
How to Connect with ANYONE
Courage Over Confidence
I’ve Hacked Applying to Business School
Favorite Reads
Why Engineers Thrive in Business Roles
Engineering Student Tips
Imposter Syndrome
Staying Relevant
I don’t know WTF I’m doing, but I do it anyway
I’ve Hacked Job Hunting
Unwritten Social Rules
Social Experiment
Meet Bear
Weight Lifting
Stick With It
Time > Money
Work, Start-Up, Fail, Repeat
Jackson Kiddard
Positive Affirmations
Elon Musk
First Impressions
The Bed of Procrustes
Less Is More
The Magic of Chunking Down
Excel Shortcuts