My MEGA RESOURCES are a collection of valuable, high-quality, and comprehensive resources so you can hack a number of goals, such as acing the GMAT, becoming business-savvy, or learning all about cryptocurrency. I create/co-create these resources, and share them here on my site.

MBA SUMMARIES MEGA RESOURCES: A MEGA collection of concise, high-quality summaries of over 130 of the best business books, including The Intelligent Investor, The Effective Executive, Thinking Fast and Slow, Zero to One, The Lean Startup, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, The Tipping Point, Pitch Anything, Venture Deals, Getting Results the Agile Way, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Never Eat Alone, and 119 more. Credit to Lucas Miller, author of Beyond Brilliance.

MEGA GMAT RESOURCES FOLDER: A MEGA folder of GMAT resources a la Google Drive. Includes: video tutorials, full-length exams, thousands of practice problems and solutions in each category (SC, RC, VR, AWA, PS, DS, IR), ebooks, infographics, and flashcards.

MEGA CRYPTO RESOURCES FOLDER: A MEGA resources folder to get you started in cryptocurrency. Includes: an ebook, live trend information, crypto day trading primer, Twitter influencer list, and news updates to guide your investment decisions and receive 24/7 support. Credit to Michael Peres, software engineer and entrepreneur, and Sean Keegan, CEO of Digital Asset Strategies.