Tough, but not impossible, to fundraise

It’s a tough, but far from impossible time for seed-stage founders.

Here’s the treasure map to getting to your spoils (aka $$$ from investors):

1. Positive Unit Economics

Know your P&L and metrics inside and out, and focus on how you’ll get to, or are already getting, positive unit economics.

Show a realistic mapping of your assumptions to how your unit-economics will play out in real life.

Investors are likely not buying the growth-at-all-costs mentality.

2. Recession-Proof Scenarios

Show how your product performs well during uncertain economic times.

There is continued market uncertainty, and some investors remain bearish.

3. COVID Behavioral Drivers

Post-COVID, companies and consumers will have adopted many new behaviors.

For example, a refreshed POV on working from home, more frequent food delivery, increased online shopping, etc.

If you can show how those behaviors positively impact your product, that’s valuable.

4. Adjust Strategy & Operations

Show investors how you are changing your roadmap, operating costs, and product offering to thrive in the current climate.

5. Generate Momentum

Fundraising is driven by both business fundamentals and market sentiment (FOMO).

Generate momentum with investors. Get hyper creative with this!

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