Leading a Team

Leading a team is challenging. Looking back, I’ve dissected what worked when initiating a new project with a new team:

1. Create an organized system of folders, including high-level categories that make sense for the team’s functions. Train on how to use document management system.

2. Have a detailed agenda and notetaker for all meetings.

3. Collect the team’s contact information and preferred method of communication. Share with everyone.

4. Set clear and detailed expectations at the 1st meeting. Cover ground rules, key success metrics, vision, and timeline.

5. For large/complex teams, divide the team by function and assign team leads. Meet with the team leads on a more regular basis. Make leads responsible for each function’s follow-through.

6. Create a Gantt chart. If the project is complex and multi-function, require each functional unit to create their own Gantt chart, managed by the team lead.

7. Create a task management tool for the team to update prior to meetings.

8. Send weekly email reminders on upcoming deadlines.

9. Set recurring meetings in the same location/time.

10. Speak to underperforming team members in private.

11. Establish credibility/boost team confidence by tackling low-hanging fruit in the 1st week.

12. Set monthly performance reviews.

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