This means WAR.

This means WAR. Do you have a WARRIOR CEO?

Let’s compare and contrast peacetime and wartime CEOs:

Wartime CEOs:

1. Leave no room for creativity outside of core mission.

2. Violate protocol to win.

3. Focus on all the details that interfere with the main objective.

4. Build HR organizations that can execute layoffs.

5. Let the war define culture.

6. Are highly paranoid.

7. Are highly sensitive and suspicious of the competition.

8. Doesn’t speak in a normal tone.

9. Heighten contradictions.

10. Doesn’t support consensus building nor tolerate disagreements.

11. Are busy fighting enemy.

12. Doesn’t have the luxury of exiting any business.


Peacetime CEOs:

1. Know that proper protocol leads to winning.

2. Focus on the big picture.

3. Empower people to make detailed decisions.

4. Build scalable, high-volume recruiting machines.

5. Define culture.

6. Has a contingency plan.

7. Doesn’t use profanity.

8. Think of competition as other ships in a big ocean.

9. Doesn’t raise voice.

10. Avoid confrontation.

11. Set big audacious goals.

12. Exit business where not 1 or 2.

Inspo: Ben Horowitz of a16z

We need both types of leaders at different times.

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