23 Things We Should Unlearn

Intelligence is really ignoring things that are irrelevant.
Here are 23 things we should try to unlearn.

1. Exertion is equivalent to value.

2. Failing is negative.

3. Vulnerability is a weakness.

4. All decisions must be rational.

5. You will be rewarded or recognized for effort.

6. That there is a right way and a wrong way.

7. Caring what others think.

8. Loving yourself is selfish.

9. Letting go means you’ve given up.

10. You need to postpone happiness to reach your goals.

11. You are what you do.

12. Rejection and problems are a bad thing.

13. Fitting in is important.

14. Success means making lots of money.

15. Doing well in school means you’ll be successful.

16. It’s not ok to let others down.

17. You should be happy all the time.

18. The right decision is always clear.

19. Opportunities will always present themselves naturally.

20. You need to justify yourself.

21. You’re not able to reach XYZ goal because you don’t have XYZ degree.

22. Your family knows what’s best.

23. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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