Diversity Drives Innovation

Diversity drives innovation, bolsters profits, eliminates blind spots, and leads to creative problem-solving. There are a number of ways you can increase diversity in your organization.

Let’s explore how, starting with the job postings:

1. The wording of job postings attracts or repels female candidates. Eliminate all gender bias.

2. Put more qualifications under “preferred” vs. “required”.

3. Avoid listing years of qualified experience required. Instead, list the expertise needed, and available opportunities.

4. Select job neutral titles.

5. Mention explicitly that you are an equal opportunity employer.

6. Emphasize mentorship, training, inclusion groups, conference opportunities, education programs, merit-based promotions, flexible schedule, etc.

7. Hire, promote, and retain more women and minorities to attract more women and minorities.

8. Make diversity a core value and redefine “cultural fit”. Develop a women and minority friendly corporate page/brand.

9. Demonstrate your company is a great place to work.

10. Get involved. Sponsor organizations that promote women and minorities.

11. Don’t lower your standards, change them. Modify job descriptions to be more inviting.

Employers should seize the opportunity to hire diverse talent.

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