GMAT Test Tips

I took the GMAT yesterday. PHEW.
Here are some test-day tips I strongly recommend:

1. If you’re going to study the day of the exam (not recommended), review material you are very familiar with for a confidence boost.

2. Pay attention to timing! Pacing is VITAL. You should be timing yourself during EVERY practice exam/problem set.

3. Take as many timed, full-length practice exams as possible. Build up your test-taking endurance.

4. Identify and focus on your weak areas early. Take two practice exams before you start your study plan.

5. The AWA and IR sections do not count toward your score. It’s important to not do poorly on these sections, but it is far more important to focus more on the verbal and quant sections.

6. Find what fits your learning style best! Personally, I liked forums and webinars. I strongly recommend GMAT Club and e-GMAT for these resources.

7. Ditch the expensive tutor. There are lots of free resources out there. Be resourceful.

8. Know that the GMAT is a VERY learnable exam. Scored a 500? Know that a 700+ is in your reach with enough practice.

9. Study at least 30-60 minutes a day! Can’t? Try 10 min during lunch. Something is better than nothing! 100 hours of total study time is recommended for this exam.

Good luck! 😉

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