How to Connect with ANYONE

My favorite LinkedIn feature is having the ability to learn from ANYONE on the platform. Here is how you can schedule an informational interview:

1. Identify your specific goal. Search 2nd-degree connections in your network that can help you meet this goal.

2. Read through their LinkedIn profile thoroughly. Note achievements, current projects, and common interests.

3. Determine a specific call to action relevant to this individual and your goal.

4. Ask for an intro or send a request with a note. Warm intros preferred.

5. Carefully craft your note before sending.

An example:

“Hi Ariana,

I’m a recent grad from X and passionate about Y! It looks like you are highly skilled at this, and I was wondering if you had any advice. I noticed you did Z, so I thought I’d reach out!

My background is in X, and I’ve worked for Y and Z. I’ve just begun my journey, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time and go Bruins!



6. Schedule a 30 min call! Prepare your talking points beforehand, and brainstorm ways to also help them achieve their goals. Think win-win.

7. Send a thank you note for their time and guidance.

8. Repeat weekly ;).

Go get ’em!

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