I have waaaaay too much on my plate!

Here’s how I’ve been fitting it ALL in…

1. Have a set wake-up time (6 AM).
2. Sleep for 7+ hours a night.
3. Have a schedule with constraints. Eg, working out the second you wake up and learning Spanish before bed.
4. Use Asana and Google Calendar to manage tasks and time.
5. Batch similar tasks. Even texting.
6. Check email only twice per day. Answer priority emails and use filters.
7. Fit in a 30 min slot for the quick things, like paying bills.
8. Do the hardest tasks earlier in the day when you’re most energized.
9. Go on social probation – limit social media use and only attend events that are an β€œF YES”!
10. Regularly restore your creativity and drive via meditation, naps, walks, yoga, and hobbies.
11. Use the Pomodoro technique and work in bursts. I do 50 min of FOCUSED work and 10 min of PURE rest. Hide your phone during bursts.
12. Avoid commuting as much as possible, especially in LA. Work remotely when possible.
13. While at the gym, getting ready, or commuting, listen to podcasts/audiobooks (maybe in Espanol?).
14. Eat energy-dense foods.

Currently, I’m managing interviews, multiple clients, an online degree, GMAT prep, new ventures, learning Spanish, and bodybuilding.

I don’t always get it all done, but I get close ;).

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