Turning 30

After reflecting, I did everything I wanted to in my 20s:

(1) Graduated in chemical engineering.
(2) Traveled the world solo, and lived in different cities (and countries).
(3) Explored my creative potential across poetry and writing. In business, too.
(4) Made wonderful, supportive friends and colleagues (that feel like a special tribe out to change the world).
(5) Learned to love, manage heartbreak and rejection, exercise, eat well, let go, celebrate the ups, and manage the lows. I also learned from the many, many mistakes.
(6) Worked in startups, alongside brilliant founders, and for blue-chip companies. Got the VC job. Started the VC firm.
(7) Had some adrenaline-rich fun: skydiving, bungee jumping, multi-day backpacking, flying a plane, operating a sailboat, riding a motorcycle, etc.
(8) Met everyone’s childhood crush, David Beckham. 😎
(9) Explored the realms of spirituality, meditation, and religion.
(10) Found powerful ways to grow and give back to the community.

Aaaaaand chapter closed! Mountain climbed! Wooooo! What an adventure.

What now?

Whereas my 20s emphasized experience, resilience, and growth, my 30s will be setting the foundation for a legacy.

Here’s to a decade of focused building and expansion.

Let’s do this. 🎈

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