I <3 Fundraising

I have grown to love the fundraising process!


Here are a few reasons why:

(1) It is one of the few processes that pushes you to actively get out of your comfort zone.

(2) There are very few circumstances in life where you are forced to actively meet the most incredible and divergent thinkers, investors, and founders of our time — as your full time job!

(3) It reinforces empathy and expands self awareness, across all areas of life — especially in how you communicate to founders and employees.

(4) It drastically improves your ability to sell, a critical skill to develop.

(5) It makes you an opportunity-hunting machine on a mission, and it inspires others to do so too. The hustle is real and very contagious.

(6) It imparts valuable learning and new ways of thinking, as well as, sometimes unexpected, partnerships (if you stay open-minded throughout).

(7) The wins feel *incredible* and are well deserved.

Any more experiences to add?

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