Creation vs. Survival

Are you in creation, survival, adventure, or spectator mode?

Goal: to be in the elegant state of creation. But how?

1. Recognize where you operate today.

This is a state of meta-cognition.

Catch yourself saying “I’m not X”, “I’ll never be Y”, “I always do Z”.

What is your narrative?

2. Change your thoughts.

What is the state you want to operate in?
What would that new narrative sound like?

Essentially, create a new mind by tuning these thoughts.

Feel free to borrow mentalities from people you admire.

3. After you have awareness around this narrative, and where you want to be, convert it into action.

Adopt the new thoughts in real life.

Do things that prove the old narrative wrong and new narrative right.

Eg, “I am not fit” (step 1) -> “I am getting fitter each day” (step 2).

Take actions toward improved fitness (step 3).

4. Get out of your element – jump into the unknown by taking risks.

Eg, run a fitness community (step 4).

Create in a space that is new to you.

5. Amplify these efforts with distance and relaxation.

This could look like journaling, meditation, long walks, getting in touch with nature, etc.

Breaking habits require entering these relaxed states of mind periodically.

This separation also creates a birds-eye view for enhanced perspective.

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