You are going to get discouraged.

(This is positive, promise)

You are going to get discouraged.

Sometimes this will come from you, and sometimes from others.

This will happen if you are making big moves and taking risks – especially in unexplored territories.

Discouraging feedback tends to be based on first impressions, limited data, and the other person’s experience.

This feedback may or may not hold true for you and your unique journey.

The world is changing faster than ever – and where there is change there is massive opportunity.

There is this opportunity in every sense of the word – opportunity for new types of businesses, leaders, jobs, and industries.

When you’re faced with this inevitable pushback from others (or even yourself) – what will you do?

Will you quit?

Change direction?

It’s one thing to make a pivot based on discouragement alone (internal or external).

It’s another thing entirely to take into consideration this feedback and then make a pragmatic decision because it makes sense for *you*.

So ask yourself, when faced with this inevitable doubt / pushback / feedback:

Are these assumptions and beliefs true for *you* *today*, as you see this fast-paced world?

What’s really driving you to closer or farther away from your goals?

Let’s always hope good reason ;).

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