Recipe for Charisma

“That founder oooooozes charisma!”

What does that even mean?! Well, let’s codify it.

The recipe for charisma:

(1) Single-minded purpose.
(2) Contradictory mystery.
(3) Saintliness, living out ideals and deeply held values without caring about consequences.
(4) Eloquence, power of words with emotional and theatrical delivery.
(5) Calm self-assuredness, with self control to never show fear or nerves.
(6) Uninhibited, fearless, adventurous attitude.
(7) Dangerous sexuality.
(8) Dreamlike vibe, with fluid in body and spirit.
(9) Openness to experience.
(10) Vulnerable need for love to soften self-confidence.
(11) Thriving in troubled waters to flaunt daring and further enhance aura.
(12) Magnetism with piercing eyes.
(13) Ability to exert force without action and direct communicate.
(14) Excitable presence.

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