“What’s my ideal career path?”

I often get asked this question.
My answer is quite simple.

Your ideal path happens when you operate at the intersection of 3 realizations:

(1) Your unique strengths.
(2) Your “bigger than you” mission.
(3) What the market values.

It is often the higher mission, (2), that feels very fuzzy…

Unique strengths, (1), are often readily recognized by others, and frequently commented on.

Most people also have a sense for what the market values, (3), or can readily get there with some discovery.

It is discovering (2) that takes time, serendipity, and soul searching to identify.

My (2), for example, is serving founders to drive the highest impact possible.

This realization took several years of exploration (and of course, as with anything worth pursuing, a fair share of disappointment and failure).

My (2) intersecting (1) and (3) took me to the fast-paced, high-impact, and quite thrilling world of early-stage investing.

This didn’t happen overnight. It took serious time, trial & error, and patience to find my “person-career” fit.

What is your (2)?

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