Unflinching focus

10 actions to have unflinching focus:

(1) Intermittent fasting, black coffee for breakfast, and avoid eating a few hours before bed

(2) Exercise daily (cardio), even if it’s 15 min HIIT or 45 min of walking

(3) Sleep 7-8 hours (tactical: don’t use phone / laptop before bed, dark room, humidifier, set ideal temperature for you, invest in an ultra comfy bed with accessories, play nature sounds, breathing techniques for deep sleep)

(4) Minimal toxins (alcohol, drugs, sugar)

(5) Remove distractions (x out all windows / extensions that give notifications, mute phone and make it inconvenient to access)

(6) Take hourly breaks, even if you don’t feel like you need it, ideally walks outdoors

(7) Brutal, but, avoid people that lower your high frequency or distract 🙈 byeee

(8) Say no to meetings that aren’t additive, or minimize your time in them if you can’t avoid (15-30 min vs 45-60 min) – you’ll be amazed by how much you can squeeze in 15 min with an agenda

(9) Hard tasks in the morning, low mental burden tasks at night

(10) Set aggressive deadlines for yourself – this puts focus in hyperdrive (eg – finish this LARGE task in the next 2 hours, you’ll make meaningful progress even if you don’t finish)

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