This post is a random set of quick thoughts and questions.

Most of your fears are learned and mostly negligible.

Leapfrog opportunities are life’s cheat codes. How can you save years getting to where you want to go? Some examples – create a new category, partner with the right person / entity, build a community, and ask fearlessly.

Comfort can be a special kind of prison – thinking small is a very real punishment that robs your upside and the world of your gifts.

More problems and critics are an immensely positive sign. Embrace this as indication of your growth and ability to take rapid, fearless action.

Consistent effort over time pays off. Everything is compound interest. Exponential growth feels flat for a while, and then you’ll feel the rapid build up.

Why do we feel so inhibited? Take control and own your full power. Scare people a little!

Making a trail is more fun than following a path.

When you’re swimming with sharks, find a way to be the whale.

I need to maximize. And to maximize, I need to be fanatically authentic, take ever bolder risks, challenge you and myself, set boundaries with my time and energy, welcome controversy if there is truth, and emphasize evolving. Maybe sprinkle in a big bear hug, a healthy cry, or a “f@#k off”.

Success is measured by your capacity to give and receive love.

There is a side of you that is like nobody else. Embrace these qualities. Express full comfort in your individuality – life somehow works better when you own the fact that you are different.

Ask yourself. Are you being ambitious enough?

Does the atomic hypothesis define systems beyond the physical? What is the analog for music, emotions, and other intangibles?

There’s a lot of philosophy on work culture, which poorly addresses the “why”. Culture should be a means to enable full authenticity and intensity for all parties involved. From this, you maximize productivity and happiness, and screen faster for organizational fit. Dissatisfaction can be pinpointed to inauthenticity.

Your energy and goals are magnificent. Maintain it. Build with high-energy people. Cut the cord with stagnant energy. Active mindfulness around this compounds quickly.

How do you build endurance? You endure.

Something about the word “no” takes my drive and competitiveness to a whole other dimension. I’ll take it.

Before you can receive acceptance from others, you must first gift that to yourself, fully.

I want to be like Casper – the world’s most famous ghost 👻. Working behind the scenes in venture.

To achieve more, you must first expand your self image.

Admiration and envy are distinguished by comparison.

The winning combo: conviction, hustle, and access.

Quick take on skills:
Kindness (underrated)
MBA (overrated)

A better question than “how can I be helpful?” is “what are your top 3 concerns / priorities?”

No one gets extreme results by being average.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Conviction in yourself is the first step to building something incredible. Conviction in others is a fantastic gift to give.

Random thought: there are so many “desirable” opportunities where everyone is trying to break in, but the folks that are in are trying to break out.

My current mantra, inspired by Rumi — ‘Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.’

Fundraising mental hack: imagine you had to pay the investor to test you.

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