Get Out Of Your Own Way

The only thing standing between you and your dream job is yourself. Get out of your own way.

1. Power poses (superwoman).

2. Visualize success in immense detail the night before. Even sounds and subtle decor.

3. Root out imposter syndrome by knowing that with any job there is a learning curve (and you can handle it).

4. Wear an outfit that looks and feels good. It’s important to be stylishly professional and comfortable.

5. Focus so much energy on the other person you forget you’re nervous!

Actively listen, provide responses that show depth of thinking, and ask questions to keep the interviewer engaged too.

6. Practice mock interviews with friends.

There are tons of sample questions online you can reference.

7. Stay true to your style.

8. Sleep well the night before and aim to do a workout the day of (yoga recommended).

9. Have the confidence in knowing that you are bringing value to the table. You have something to offer.

Remember, it’s an exchange of value.

10. Interview the interviewer! It’s a 2-way street after all. You and they are exploring fit.

Nerves are the enemy during any interview!

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