10 Tenets of Closing a Deal

Here are the tenets of closing a deal.

Violate these at your own risk ;)…

1. “Present on your feet, close in your seat.” Stay seated.

2. “Talk is cheap.” Get it in writing. Have a proposal (and a notebook for notetaking) ready. This makes your proposal tangible, valuable, and credible. Get to this stage as soon as possible.

Don’t know how to structure a proposal? Be resourceful. Find someone in your domain and request a template.

3. “Say it with conviction.” Articulate clearly and audibly. Delivery is key. Demonstrate enthusiasm, positive energy, appreciation, and confidence.

Improve this via relentless practice: record yourself (video and audio) and book public speaking engagements.

4. Always have a closing mindset. That means have a pen available and the attitude to win.

5. Develop rapport via humor, mirroring, and common interests.

6. Take no as a “not now” – be persistent (and professional). Send multiple follow-ups. Don’t quit until you close.

7. Be a swiss army knife. Have a huge variety of strategies to make it happen.

8. Treat everyone like a buyer. It’s a combo of the Pygmalion effect and self-fulfilling prophecy.

9. Focus on problem-solving and interests, not positions. Understand their side.

10. Provide value AFTER you close.

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