There’s an app for everything!

Here’s how I manage my time, work, and (yes, even) fun:

Asana – task management
Slack – team communication
Google Drive – cloud storage
GBoard on iPhone – preferred keyboard
Google Calendar + Calendly (Or, MixMax) – scheduling appointments
Groupon – scoping deals for hair/nails/massages
Overdrive, Audible – audiobooks
Thrive Market – organic goodies/beauty products
Personal Capital – personal financial management
MailChimp – newsletter send-outs
Gusto – payroll
HubSpot – CRM
Skrapp – obtaining emails via LinkedIn
Squarespace, WordPress – web dev
Shopify – e-commerce web dev
Uber Conference – free conference calls
Insight Timer – meditation
Down Dog – at-home yoga
Class Pass – fitness
Shapr, LinkedIn – networking
Splice – quick video editing
Brave – browser alternative
LinkedIn, Upwork – professional services
Canva – graphic design and pitch decks
Fiverr – logo designer and illustrators
Waze – quick GPS navigation
Lyft – rideshare
Venmo – sending payments
Grammarly – grammar correction
Expensify – receipt tracking
Splitwise – splitting costs
Kickstarter and Pinterest – inspiration
Pandora – music
Ankiapp and Duolingo – language learning
Skyscanner – cheap flights
Coursera – online courses

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