It’s who knows YOU.

It’s NOT what you learn during your internship.
It’s WHO you meet.

Lightning quick list on how to network during an internship:

1. Start with your team. Ask for an informal chat + intros to others. Start with a people’s person. Repeat.

2. Go to every social and make the first move. Use the “I’m new to this company” card and become a networking machine.

3. Search your school’s alumni on LinkedIn and reach out to them for lunch.

4. Visit professors, advisors, TAs and ask if they know someone in your company and can make an introduction.

5. Dress to impress. Appearances on the job are important.

6. Write a post on LinkedIn that you want to meet more people at your company. Mention you’re currently a student at X university.

7. Find and attend company activities and groups that interest you. Be a “Yes AND” person during the entire summer.

8. Ask HR for help. Say you’re a new intern, and want to know how you can meet new people.

9. Network with interns of different teams and make sure to meet their team.

10. Arrange a freestyle meetup at a coffee shop with interns from other companies. Ask them to give you a walking tour of their company!

It’s not what you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU!

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