Diverse Communication

Diverse teams call for diverse communication strategies.
In our weekly hashtag#roshniandariana post, we cover working with shy and aggressive teammates.

1. Find a comfortable environment.
2. Respect boundaries. Be patient.
3. Lead the conversation. Be prepared with an agenda.
4. Pay attention to and label nonverbal cues. “I sense you are feeling X.”
5. Mirror body language and volume to build rapport.
6. Encourage communication by not interrupting and asking open-ended questions.
7. Be highly engaging. Use phrases like “Is this how you’d like this project done?”
8. Use a tone that is slow-paced and respectful.
9. Start the conversation off with a sincere compliment.
10. If others interrupt during a meeting, state “I’d like to hear X speak some more.”

1. Start the conversation on common ground.
2. Listen more, speak less.
3. Use direct language.
4. Use more visuals and less words.
5. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.
6. Show you are actively listening by nodding.
7. Validate their thoughts by using phrases like “that’s right.”
8. If interrupted, say “I want to hear you” or “correct me if I’m wrong”.
9. Don’t be defensive or angry.
10. Understand and then be understood. Stand by your point. Seek win-win solutions during disagreements.

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