You are an individual.

You are an individual.

Others may try to assign neat categories for you. These categories are confining and narrow. Complying will gain social acceptance, but denying is how you gain power.

Embrace your unique skills and ideas. Agreeing to the judgements of others makes you easier to manage and predict.

Favor power, freedom, and the unconventional over this restricting dynamic.

Realize how these labels, comments, and verbal boxes confine you and your goals. Feel the pain and repression associated with this restriction.

By being unique, you create something novel. This gains respect. The kind of respect you will never gain from conformity.

Do this by keeping others off-balance via reinvention and mystery. Avoid the need to please and live up to assigned judgements or false ideas of how you should behave.

Write your own story.

You’re in charge.

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