No “Thank You”!

Avoid these words: “Thank You”.

What? Why? Huh? I’ll explain…

It’s vital to avoid these words when offered a job.

Do not indicate the company has got you… yet.

Keep in mind this is a business transaction.

You are providing an important service for payment.

They called you because they want you, not because they’re doing you a favor.

Here are some tips to stay cool and confident, and to demonstrate you are in high demand:

1. Avoid other words/phrases that read like “thank you”, including “great” “I’m grateful” and “wonderful”.

Here’s a better response: “Let me take out my notes” or “I have a few questions about the position”.

2. Use awkward pauses to your advantage. Resist pressure to fill the silence.

3. Have the company say the first number. When pressed for a number, state you first want to see if you can provide value, and at this point, you are seeking more information to see if the position is a good fit.

4. You get what you ask for. Do your research (Glassdoor, informational interviews) and know the right $ ranges. Use phrases such as “I want this to work”.

Remember, it is not an offer until you see a contract.

Lay the groundwork for an effective negotiation.

Know your worth and stay strong!

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