Job hunting is an art.

Job hunting is an art. We’ve mastered it.
Make it rain offer letters with these hacks:

1. Informational interviews are key. Start with 1st degree connections and ask for intros. Focus on building relationships.

2. If you don’t have 1st degree connections, here’s a cold message prompt:

“Hi [NAME], your work history is inspiring! I also work in [INDUSTRY] and would love to connect.
BTW, we have [XYZ] in common.”

Once you get a response, ask for an informational interview to learn more about them.
Be genuine.

3. Follow the company on your LinkedIn. Recruiters may check for this.

4. Write your profile summary to align with the company and the position. A great format to follow is: why you do what you do, how you do it, and what you do.

5. Submit engaging comments on the company’s posts. Demonstrate your value via thoughtful questions.

6. Comment on posts from individuals within the company. Again, high-value, insightful comments.

7. Achieve “All-Star” status on your LinkedIn profile. Ensure sure all points align exactly with your resume.

Brownie Points: Join a group with participants from within the company. Engage target members by discussing topics relevant to the group’s mission.

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