“But nobody does it that way.”

“But nobody does it that way.”

You know you’re on the right track if you hear this.

Fear is automatic. Your brain is wired for survival. It takes a strong mind to go against the grain and do something that someone hasn’t done before.

So how do you prepare?

Feed your mind. Meditate (mindful walking, breathing exercises, yoga, journaling), read (books, audiobooks, articles, posts), and learn (online courses, local college, informational interviews, etc). Find ways to grow and learn each day.

Self-discipline is everything. This means controlling your emotions, thoughts, actions, and words, and how the opinions of others impact you. It is entirely your decision on how to respond, and whether to accept the information you are given.

Fear is physical. Train not just your mind, but your body to be strong.

This could mean working out just 30 minutes per day. Mind and body are linked.

Take action. The less you procrastinate the better. Procrastination makes endeavors look much bigger and scarier than they are. Think less, do more. Actions snowball.

You may not have a mentor, but it’s not hard to find a role model.

Everything seems impossible until someone does it.

Have the courage and initiative to be the first.

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