Ackerman Bargaining Method

You get what you negotiate. Let’s plunge into the Ackerman Bargaining Method. Here are the basics:


Targeted, incremental counter-offers until you hit your reservation price.

The steps:

1. Determine your reservation price. Consider all factors influencing price.

2. Anchor at 65% of your reservation price. This step devalues the item’s perceived worth. Anticipate a wild reaction, practice active listening with their response, and stay calm.

3. Offer 85% of your reservation price. You will likely get a thoughtful response.

4. Follow their counter with 95% of your reservation price.

5. End at 100%.


1. Use precise #’s $4,493.76 vs. $4,500.

2. Add items that are high-value to you, low-cost to them.

3. Trigger a “that’s right” response.

4. Ask how/what calibrated open-ended questions. “How am I supposed to do that?”

5. “I’m sorry, but that does not work for me” and similar phrases vs. a direct “no”. Saying sorry is not weak.

6. Mirror (repeat 3 keywords) and label emotions (“It seems like…”). Avoid “I” statements.

7. Welcome “no” over “yes”. “Have you given up on this project?”

8. Let the other side go 1st.

9. Provide a range $135k-$145k.

10. Say your name (not theirs) to generate empathy.

Inspo: Chris Voss

>>>What are your favorite (perhaps, contrarian) tips?

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