Get to YES!

Get to YES! There are 6 principles that determine your influence and persuasiveness:

1. Reciprocity

Be the first to give, and make sure it’s personalized and unexpected. People say yes to those that they owe. Delivery is key. Ex: giving mints after a meal to bolster tips.

2. Scarcity

People want more of what there is less of. Point out unique value proposition, and what will be lost without the product/service.

3. Authority

People follow the lead of credible experts. Ex: display diplomas or wear a uniform. It’s important to signal what makes you credible. Arrange for others (colleagues, receptionist) to establish your credibility.

4. Consistency

People like to be consistent with what they’ve previously said and done. Ask for small, initial commitments before making your big ask. Seek out voluntary, active, public commitments, ideally in writing.

5. Liking

People prefer to say “yes” to those that they like. There are 3 factors that impact likability: similarities, paying compliments, and cooperating toward mutual goals.

6. Consensus

When people will follow the behaviors of others who are similar to determine their own. Ex: “75% percent of people who have stayed in this room have reused their towel” led to a 33% increase in reuse.

Inspo: Pre-Suasion (Dr. Cialdini)

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