You’ve all heard the enormous benefits of journaling, which includes clarity of thought, identifying and executing on goals, emotional healing, and improved mood and memory.

I’m sure you’ve also heard about the number of very successful people that have emphasized making journaling a daily habit.

I don’t know about you, but this was a very tough habit for me to keep up with in a meaningful and consistent way. It took nearly two years to make this habit “sticky”.

So, recognizing the importance of this creative outlet, I changed my approach.

Here are some hacks that have now made journaling second-nature:

1. Have prompts prepared. There are a number of sites that will automatically generate daily and thoughtful journal prompts for you, for free.

I went ahead and started using a deck of cards with self-awareness expanding questions to keep me on track.

2. Invest in a very nice journal and pen.

3. Make it easy. Have the journal right by your bed side or on your desk. If it’s convenient – it’s easier to accomplish.

4. Have a set time. Do this right upon waking, or right before bed.

5. Find a buddy! Get an extra (perhaps matching) journal for a friend or two, and share this experience with them. Keep each other accountable.

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