Execution and Kicking Ass

Executing and time management! The honest answer: there are no shortcuts. It’s a lot of hard work, often. BUT! These pro-tips will help you kick ass and take names:

1. Have a set wake up time (6 AM).

2. Your morning routine matters. Spend >15 minutes to assess your top 3 priorities and arrange your calendar. Pair this reflection with a coffee ;).

3. Workout upon waking. Exercise gives you an energy surge that will carry you late into the day. Try at least 30 min of weight lifting, cardio, and/or yoga.

4. Use task and time management tools like Asana and Google Calendar, desktop and mobile.

5. Enter the “cave”. Mute notifications, hide your phone, and enter flow. Use the Pomodoro technique – alternate 50 min of intense work with 10 min breaks.

6. Select an environment that matches the task. For creative tasks: cafes. For tasks requiring hyper-focus: minimalist, quiet rooms.

7. Batch similar tasks. Limit ramp up/down friction when shifting tasks.

8. Manage attention. Minimize the number of decisions you make (food, outfits).

9. Execute on the hardest tasks early in the day.

10. Limit emails to 2-3x/day.

11. Control your schedule. Restrict meetings to just 2 days/week.

12. Set specific goals: define detailed subtasks, timeline, and resources.

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