Selling Used Furniture More Than You Paid New

Moving? I’ve sold used furniture above the price I had purchased it new (a few times). Here’s how you can, too. No sales experience needed.

1. Determine sales channels available – local newsletter, FB, in-company email, and Craigslist. Post on all channels available.
2. Stage EVERYTHING. Everything must look clean and catalog ready.
3. Take numerous high-quality photos.
4. Write beautiful and accurate descriptions. Your couch isn’t brown. It’s a like new, lush, chocolate brown chaise lounge, with XYZ dimensions, and bonded leather material. The more descriptive the better. Note any damage.
5. Organize all of these items into a stylish PowerPoint presentation.
6. Post the items separately. Also, as a single “Moving Sale Blowout” using the presentation.
7. Overcharge by at least 15-30%. People always negotiate. Be reluctant for any price budges but after some resistance agree.
8. Schedule visits at the same time. Introduce scarcity. The more people the better.
9. Be friendly. Handshake and smile at everyone that comes in.
10. Have all items in one (staged) room. Let everyone see buying happening.
11. Dress to impress. Wear business casual.
12. Your “reason for selling/leaving” should always be you are upgrading your life somehow. Never appear desperate.

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