Thermodynamics and Goal Setting

🤓 Energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. Let’s get smart and maximize the energy you keep vs. dissipate to your surroundings:

1. Write your goals down. Be specific. Put numbers down, with deadlines. Start with high-level categories: fitness & health, career, travel, family & friends, and personal development.

2. Map out a process to achieve these specific goals. List the small steps.

3. Be relentless and obsessed. Say no to opportunities that distract you and stay focused on what’s relevant. Put in the hard work your goals deserve, even when it sucks. Stay patient.

4. Surround yourself with people that fuel you. Cut out the negative. Meet with your special people, often, double down. Relationships are everything.

5. Get organized. I like Asana, Google Calendar, auto-filter/folders in gmail, and setting reminders. Batch similar tasks, create structure, and complete important tasks while in maximum flow. I like to put the most mentally taxing tasks in the morning, after a workout.

6. Let some “bad things happen”. Target high-value tasks. First things first. If that means a less than aesthetic report, so be it.

7. Make mistakes, get rejected, fail, and move on with greater enthusiasm!

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