Problem Solve Like An Engineer

TGIF! I love Fridays, and solving big problems.

🤓 Here’s how you can problem solve like an engineer:

1. Ask “why” 5 times.

2. Find the root cause.

3. Determine the fundamental truths and assumptions.

4. Measure the problem.

5. Get in the field and get hands-on. That means boots on the ground. Your answer probably isn’t on a spreadsheet.

6. Ask relevant questions to those involved in the process.

7. Admit ignorance and have a beginner’s mindset.

8. Use all of your senses (touch, hear, smell, see… ok, maybe not taste).

9. Clearly define the problem.

10. Understand the process and fundamentals before troubleshooting. Focus is key. Avoid a “spray and pray” approach.

11. Consult experts as a resource, not as the final word.

12. Eliminate the unnecessary and determine what is relevant.

13. Believe in simple solutions to seemingly complex issues.

14. Be tenacious in finding the answer.

15. Remove opinions, group-think, and subjectivity from your assessment.

16. Use facts and verify information relentlessly.

17. Take moments to step back from the details and see the big picture.

18. Note patterns and outliers.

19. Go upstream.

20. If you’re feeling “analysis paralysis”, stop and simplify. Consolidate the information.

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