Alan Watts

It is all perspective. We are all familiar with the optical illusion where we are shown two shapes of the same size, but one looks larger.

As humans, we are able to interpret our past and extrapolate into the future. For animals, the true reality is in the present moment.

We have the ability to live in a reality that is not yet here.

Even in the midst of pleasure, we have anxiety about time.

We are sensitive to making sure our future is ensured.

We make it more important than the present.

We spend so much time living somewhere we aren’t.

We create ladders to climb.

Then, you arrive. You’ve stopped climbing.

You feel the same you’ve always felt.

Imagine this: if you could fulfill every wish the moment you wish for it.

What would happen?

Would you dream amazing things? Indefinitely?

As time went on, wouldn’t you want to be surprised?

Would you want a little less control?

Even create dreams in which you suffer to enjoy your accomplishments?

There is no real fulfillment without delay.

Inspiration: Alan Watts

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