Conversion and Optimization

Conversion decision is a complex process! What do you optimize? Well, there are a lot of influencers…

1. Likability

2. Design

3. Branding

4. Previous experiences

5. Social proof

6. Associations

7. Price

8. Process

9. Word of mouth

10. Required effort

11. Pain points

12. Discovery path

13. Timing

14. Copywriting

15. CTA

16. UX

17. Word of mouth

18. Trust

The Simple Answer:

Segment and survey.

Ask smart questions.

For example, users who:

1. Returned, no free trial/sign-up – What brought you back? What would make you more likely to sign up?

2. Engaged free trial, but left – What made you take the free trial? What caused you to cancel? What would have made you stay?

3. Engaged free trial, stayed – What’s been most valuable to you? What successes have you had? How can we improve?

Discover objections and overcome them.


1. What makes buyers buy?

2. What makes some qualified buyers not buy?

More Tips:

1. Make pages fast.

2. Align intent with purpose.

3. Ace design.

4. Know your tools for testing and insights, and how to apply.

5. Ditch extra steps.

6. Emotional/concrete > intellectual/abstract.

7. Free works.

8. More product detail + better presentation.

9. Engaging video works.

10. Optimize independently of other’s results.

Knowledge by Moz.

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