You Get What You Negotiate

You get what you negotiate in life.

Here’s a quick summary of negotiation techniques:

1. Stay seated. Communicate clearly. Eye contact. Stay positive. Smile. Listen & acknowledge. Build rapport/mirror. Ask open-ended questions. Use pauses. Get used to discomfort. Think win-win. Empathize. Speak slowly. Be likable. Be persistent. Treat the other like they can!

2. Present proposals in writing. Do research. Know your BATNA.

3. Always know you can come to an agreement. Be creative/solution oriented. Think high value to you, low cost to them.

4. Techniques:

White Flag: Surrender. Request negotiation.

Back to the Future: Assume issue handled. Focus on problem solved by negotiation. Nobody sells anything if there isn’t a problem.

Inquisition: Hard questions. “Have you seen enough to make a decision?”

One Thing: Product, time, stall, money. What’s key? Ignore red herring.

Selfish Child: Never make sense of other’s logic.

Walkout: Let them. It’s a tactic. They’ll come back.


If they aren’t the decision maker, discontinue.

If they apply pressure, act shocked. Repeat your offer.

If goes off-topic, bring back on-topic.

If they attempt to go back on points, say no.

If they are a mean negotiator, ask for someone else. Don’t negotiate until granted.

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