The Naysayers

Is it just me?

Something I’ve noticed of any doubter, critic, or naysayer is that they are all people who have given up on their own dreams, or even worse, never even tried.

Some (actually most) of these people might have previously tried doing exactly what you aim to do. Their doubt may stem from envy, insecurity, or their own self-doubt.

Know this: they’re talking to themselves, not you.

My response to these people: just because you have given up on your goal, doesn’t mean I’ll give up on mine.

Successful people won’t hold you back.

They’ll not only tell you you can do it, but they’ll show you how.
They know exactly how they achieved their success.
They know your ambitious goals can be done.
Afterall, they did it too.

I’d rather get the opinions and guidance of winners, not quitters.

Keep moving.
Stay focused.
Find the people in your life who inspire you.

I’m fired up – let’s make big things happen.

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