The Art of Pivoting and Living Passionately

I’ve made some fun and rewarding pivots in my career.
Let’s explore how you can too:

1. Identify your passions.
a. What subjects do you pick up on quickly/effortlessly?
b. When do you feel most energized?
c. Where do you focus your attention almost daily?

2. Assess your strengths.
a. Ask friends/family/colleagues for input.
b. What do you know to be your strengths?

3. Examine your reasons.
a. Why do you do what you do?
b. Are you running away or running toward?

4. Describe your ideal position.
a. No boundaries. Get creative. Be specific.
b. What are your non-negotiables?
c. What are you flexible on?

5. Determine what it will take.
a. Create a plan. Learn new skills. Do what is necessary.
b. Think of ways to remove barriers.
c. Identify your network, resources, transferable skills, and opportunities.
d. Expand those opportunities in a BIG way by taking massive action.
e. Find ways to incorporate your passions immediately.

Recognize that you have more than one opportunity to pursue what you want to do.

Do not let your experiences and self-defined limitations restrict your goals.

Only you can define the career you want to pursue and do what is necessary to achieve that career.

Let’s get focused, plan, and take action ;)!

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