Great Founder Checklist

I found this “Great Founder Checklist” via Y Combinator’s Investor School:

How many do you meet?

A great founder:

1. Has clear and concise communication, demonstrating a depth of understanding and clarity of thought.

2. Moves fast!

3. Accomplishes a lot with a little.
How much can you get done with no money?

4. Has an idea that is implausibly ambitious, or seemingly frivolous. If it’s somewhere in the middle, there’s probably a lot of competition. The best investments aren’t obvious.

5. Is a talent magnet. The best want to work with the best.

6. Makes something people want. Clearly a good sign :).

7. Is determined and committed. Start-ups are hard and unpleasant, if you’re not determined, you will probably give up. What to watch out for: are they hedging their bets? What is their plan B? If so – avoid. Have they made mistakes in their life? Be nervous about “perfect” people who have never failed. Founders cannot be scared of failure!

Credit to angel investor, Paul Buchheit.

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