The Productivity Paradox

Today, I’m going to encourage you to simultaneously do LESS AND MORE.
Let’s debunk this paradox:

Some generally accepted truths:
1. Everything has an opportunity cost.
2. You’re given 24 hours in a day (ignoring time dilation).

The wrong questions:
1. Should I do less?
2. Should I do more?

The right questions:
1. How is my time being spent?
2. How should that time be best utilized?
3. How do I become more deliberate with my time?

The solutions:
1. Identify your goal. Adjust as needed.
2. Become relentlessly OBSESSED with meeting that goal.
3. Manage your priorities. Cut tasks that are not urgent/important immediately. Set strict boundaries with these tasks! They’re holding you back.
4. Identify and execute on the most high-value tasks for your targeted goal, TODAY. Not tomorrow or 2 years from now.
5. Do MORE of what is high value and LESS (not at all) what is low value.

The value:
1. You get where you’re going, quickly!
2. Fulfilling work and reaching goals is a tremendous energy boost! It snowballs, and you continuously accomplish more.
3. Results > being busy. Being busy for the sake of being busy or checking off a list gets you nowhere.

The final takeaway:
Simultaneously do less and more.
The #productivityparadox

Inspirations: Grant Cardone, George Peklaris, Tim Ferris

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