Super-STAR Interview

I’ve made a lot of interview mistakes early in my career ;).
Here’s an easy hack that has landed me offers:

It’s called the STAR method.





This is a great framework to follow for behavioural-based interviews.
Note: other types of interviews require a different approach.

Situation – describe the situation. Be specific. Give enough detail for anyone to understand. Emphasize the PROBLEM you helped solve. Make the interviewer feel the pain point!

Task – answer: what was your goal? What problem did you have to fix?

Action – describe what specific action you took to address the situation and achieve your goal. Focus on YOUR specific contributions. Respond with “I” not “we”.

Result – answer: so what? Describe the outcome! Don’t be shy about emphasizing your BIG RESULTS. The interview is the time to show-off – I mean it. They want to hire you to do the same BIG RESULTS for them!

Be a super STAR :).

Pro Tip:

Research the style of interview (technical, behavioural, case-study, etc) and types of questions you will be asked before the interview.

You can find this out by asking people within the company (NETWORKING), or looking it up on Glassdoor or on forums. Prepare!

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