To land your dream job, you need to STAND OUT.

So, let’s get realllyyyy creative…

1. CANVA – Start here.

Canva is a FREE graphic design site with amazing resume templates (as well as templates for social media, flyers, etc).

Match your design with the company (color, look).

2. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE – A ~3 line summary.

Be customer-focused.

1. Who you are.
2. Your value prop.
3. Your alignment with job/company.
4. Your project (read more).

Dissect the job description. Tailor your skills, experiences, and profile to the keywords, requirements, and values.

Apply to just 3-5 jobs at a time. This takes work.

Be focused!

3. PITCH A PROJECT – Solve a problem BEFORE you start!

A friend introduced me to this amazing concept and recommended using Adobe Spark to create a visual story.

Create a custom page for the target company, and include a link to this page in your resume.

1. More about you.
2. Your fit and values (align with the company).
3. A project you propose (and how you will implement).

Make sure this solves a real problem in the organization.
Do your research (ask/network).
Be creative!

4. NETWORK – Send your visual story to someone within the company. Ask for intros.

In your message: reference the job, who you are (establish credibility), and project.

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