The 10-Step Resume

🤓 Write a resume that gets the interview and offer letter in 10 steps:

Note: the caps are the headers, listed in order.

1. Single-page, >10 pt font, ~0.5″ margins, reverse chronological order.

2. Include city, LinkedIn, professional email, #, site, portfolio, GitHub (if available).

3. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a (full-time/part-time/internship) position as a (role) at (company) in (location). Add OBJECTIVE if submitting in person, otherwise optional.



4. EDUCATION: University, GPA (if >3.0), grad year, degree(s), minor(s). No coursework.

5. WORK AND LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: Separate promotions. Consolidate/remove job-hopping. Highlight leadership, big projects, and results.

Bullet points: (power word) (description) that/to (quantitative result). Single line.

Ex: Led XYZ project that generated over $ABC per year in revenue.

Include extracurricular activities here.

6. CERTIFICATIONS AND SKILLS: Think software, hardware, languages, technical, and leadership skills.

7. ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AWARDS, AND HONORS: Scholarships, patents, competitions etc.

8. Consistent formatting and verb tenses. Aesthetic/flush design.

9. No grammar/spelling errors, abbreviations, jargon.

10. Remove references available upon request.

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