Excel Magic

Here’s a list of Excel functions that are sure to rock your spreadsheet game:

ABS – absolute value
AVERAGEIFS – mean if multiple criteria are met
CELL – info about formatting/location/contents
CHOOSE – chooses value from list of values
COLUMN – column number
CONCATENATE – join several cells
CONVERT – converts a number from one measurement to another (eg, grams to lbs)
COUNT – counts qty in a list
COUNTIFS – counts if meets multiple criteria
DATEDIF – calcs # of days, months, years between two dates
DAYS – returns # of days between two dates
FACT – factorial
FORMULATEXT – text for formula of a cell
GETPIVOTDATA – returns data stored in pivot table
HLOOKUP – retrieve data from row
IF – if/else statements
IFS – check multiple criteria for if/else
INDEX – lookup value in column/row
LARGE – returns nth largest value
LOG – logarithm
LOOKUP – lookup value in an array
LOWER – convert to lowercase
MATCH – lookup matching value (use INDEX + MATCH for some serious Excel Magic ;D)
MAX/MIN – max #/min #
MOD – remainder from division
MODE – mode
NOT – reverses argument logic
PI – pi (yum)
ROUND – rounds
SQRT – square root
STDEV – standard deviation
SUBSTITUTE – replace text
SUMIFS – adds cells if meets multiple criteria
TRANSPOSE – transposes array
TRIM – removes spaces from text
VLOOKUP – lookup value from column

>>>What’s your favorite function?

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