Choosing a Web Host

If you run your own site, you’ve probably heard of Bluehost, Dreamhost, 1&1, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. I’ve recently switched over to this new player in the market after some research…

First, what my package includes:
1. Optimized for WordPress.
2. FAR better customer support – targeted support from professionals, no scripts/generic responses.
(I’ve had some frustrating, time-consuming horror stories with other hosts.)
3. The servers are NOT SHARED. That means faster load times.
5. Auto back-ups.
6. Fast hardware.
7. Virus prevention and enhanced data security.
8. Site maintenance and updates.

They’re called HectoFox.

I was able to talk them into giving me a free (quick and painless) migration (normally $150+).
They also accepted my price-match request. More features, same $.

Try it now – they’ll prob do the same for you.

I love bargain hunting ;).


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