Struggles and Happy Endings

I don’t always get what I want, and that’s a good thing.
Here are some harsh realities I’ve faced, which led to very happy endings:

I was denied a return offer from my first two internships.
This led to a much higher paying job that built the skillset I rely on today.

I have been burned (a few times).
This led me to think more critically about which opportunities I pursue. It also taught me to trust my gut and to stand up for myself and others.

I have been rejected/not even considered for countless jobs.
This led me to create my own path and opportunities. I’m living the lifestyle I want, and I’m very happy.

I was rejected from every entry-level job in high school.
This led me to work with start-ups, enhancing SEO and writing grants. These skills I still use today.

I was rejected by all of the b-schools I applied to in 2015.
This led me to work harder. Hindsight, I wasn’t ready. I wouldn’t have capitalized on the right opportunities. It saved me $225k.

I’ve missed countless events to work/study, even my birthday.
This led me to find my true friends. The great ones are still here.

I was bullied as a kid.
A tremendous blessing in disguise. It developed empathy and resilience.

I’ve been heartbroken.
They weren’t the right fit anyway ;).

I’ve been rejected a lot, as you can see.
Take rejection as a redirection.

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