Work, Start-Up, Fail, Repeat

I’ve worked for, started, and failed at 15 companies. I’m 26.

Did your eyebrows just raise? Here’s what I’ve learned.

If you subscribe to Nassim’s philosophies in #Antifragile, this randomness rocks.

Some systems thrive on shock and uncertainty.

To the rest, this reads riskyyyy!

The takeaways:

1. Being a good problem solver doesn’t confine you to a single industry. Try the unfamiliar.
2. Tackle a small problem ASAP to establish credibility.
3. Ask dumb questions. Dumb questions are better than missed deadlines.
4. If you’ve pivoted a lot, big companies won’t understand “your fit”. Finding work requires creativity. But, start-ups will love you. Be strategic with pivots.
5. Politics are inevitable. Never compromise your integrity when dealing with office politics. Handle with care.
6. Set high expectations for others. Pygmalion effect.
7. The more you get rejected, the less it bothers you.
8. Mistakes make you learn fast.
9. The more you win, the more nay-sayers you’ll get. Stay focused, positive, and awesome ;).
10. Ditch the 5-year plan. Be adaptable.

Industries: SEO, film, HVAC, tissue engineering, refining, oil & gas, compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage, railroads, social entrepreneurship, home goods, consumer electronics, cosmetics, restaurant, alcohol

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