Why Engineers Thrive in Business Roles

Musk. Zuckerberg. Bezos. Gates. Page. Cook. Nadella. Barra.

The best & biggest business leaders are engineers.

Why put engineers in biz roles?

✔️Less long-term handholding. A holistic perspective of how your business works improve key technical decisions.

✔️Continuous learning and knowledge sharing, leading to more opportunity to grow.

✔️Enhance employee communication skills. If we can learn differential equations, we can learn how to pitch and sell. 😉

✔️Better client interaction. Do you have a technical product or audience? Probably.

✔️Utilize highly analytical, creative, and task-oriented skills. We problem solve, build & implement.

✔️Introduce diversity of thought, leading to innovation.

✔️We dominate automation, efficiency, and attention to detail. It’s in our blood. We want to maximize (or minimize) everything, and have it work by itself.

✔️We are great with numbers, computers, and large datasets. Let’s help you find some key industry trends to make some serious $!

✔️Develop your next crop of top leaders – be like the best.

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